Advanced Facials




The latest in anti aging techniques are performed in our salon by qualified skin therapists who have an understanding of skin types and conditions, and who regularly undergo training to ensure the right treatment is performed to suit your skin concerns. You will only be treated by a senior therapist.



  • Pumpkin Enzyme & Fruit Acid Peel     45 min intense treatment   $130

effective enzyme peel for all skins especially for sun damage & age correction.

Pumpkin Enzyme Fruit Acid Peel is a perfect formulation of 30 % pumpkin enzymes, pumpkin extract and natural fruit acids married together with the healing and moisturising benefits of jojoba esters making this the ideal peel for all skins. This peel effectively eliminates redundant cells therefore accelerating the skin’s cellular renewal to reveal fresher, smoother skin whilst restoring natural barrier function and increasing hydration. An ideal entry level peel.


  • Bio- White Peptide Peel     45 min intense treatment    $130

Hi-strength vitamin C and peptide peel, especially for pigmented, uneven skin tone, dull and devitalised skins.

A unique biomimetic peptide encapsulated in a liposome allowing optimal whitening and lightening effects on the skin.  With concerntrated levels of Vitamin C, encapsulated Resveratrol, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids this treatment has the power to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin!  It is anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory

  •  Oxygenating Enzyme Peel   45 min intense treatment $130

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel is perfectly formulated with concentrated levels of Natural Fruit Acids, Papaya, Pumpkin and Pomegranate enzymes and infused with intense oxygenating and moisturizing peptides. This peel is perfect for all skin types as it effectively increases hydration of the skin cells whilst significantly accelerating the skin’s cellular renewal.  Wrinkle volume and depth is reduced directly after application.Hydrate, plump and renew the skin in just one application

Perfect for Rosacea, Acne, problematic skin, Milia, sensitive and allergic skins. Suitable for all skin tones & types an instant pick me up to awaken, renew and smooth even the most tired skins.

  • Dermalift     60 min treatment     $130

Non Surgical Facelift Treatment
The Dermalift facial system uses micro-currents of adjustable timed pulses and frequencies, that are gently applied through specially designed facial probes, enabling them to treat various facial needs, all without the use of surgery. A Dermalift treatment is extremely comfortable. When the gentle micro-currents are applied to the muscle and tissue of the face, neck and throat they gently stimulate those areas that have lost or seem to be losing their youthful glow and resilience. The finer lines that have formed around the eyes will start to diminish and your skin texture will take on a much fresher apperance, feeling smoother and rejuvenated. Lets look at it this way, a gym workout for the face…